• Reflection
    Read how my work is reflected by my clients.

Feedback in English

”The coaching gave me deep insights into myself and new approaches to manage my inner self and thus factors influencing my life and well being. Gunilla builds very empathetic rapport with her clients, which put you at ease very quickly. Gunilla has a lot of empathy, enabling the clients to connect with him/herself at a deeper level, staying with the client over long period of silence, using interventions of visioning very effectively. It was a fantastic experience. It enabled me to make a giant leap forward. I am a raving fan of Gunilla.”

Bernhard Zimmermann, Coach for Research & Development

”Gunilla has given me a new focus on the importance of playfulness, not taking myself too seriously, stepping up to being the person I imagine myself to be and looking at troublesome situations in a new way by seeking the potential opportunity there. Gunilla is flexible and willing to go with whatever comes up for me from session to session. She is insightful, noticing important themes or issues underlying the story I am telling about my situation and raising them to my awareness. She is also very friendly, easy to talk to, strong and knowledgeable. She listens to a deeper level, what’s under the surface. She reinforces and encourages positive movement. She is a joy to be with in a session due to her enthusiasm and general cheerfulness plus Gunilla is authentically cheerful, not superficially so. I feel she wholeheartedly embodies this attitude as her own. In addition she is strong, competent, knowledgeable and generous. I especially appreciated the notion of taking stock ALL the components of a situation, not black/white, either/or and letting them unfold their own pace.

I had a delightful time with Gunilla and really appreciated her emphasis on a number of things I tend to minimize in my life… like breathing, noticing beauty, being in the moment, playfulness, appreciation opportunity and rising to be my best self.”

Jean Pedersen, business owner

”Gunilla has a very warm and welcoming style, which made me very comfortable and safe in my coaching sessions. Through Gunilla’s coaching I have become much more accepting of myself and have learned to address some of my fears so that they can support me instead of hindering me. Gunilla helped me better prioritizing my work, and in creating boldness to try new things without having to be perfect my first try. I have also found ways of being more in integrity with myself. Gunilla gives the impression she really cares about my concerns and that she definitely wants me to succeed. Gunilla was wonderful in helping me identify the concerns underlying the issue I brought to my coaching sessions. She created a very safe space for me to explore some very deep rooted ways of being that were not currently effective, yet she also helped me reframe them to provide support for me in the future.”

Eldon Watts, business owner

”My first contact with Gunilla was great – warm, interested and intelligent. I gained a greater insight into my blocks, how to identify them and constructive ways to deal with them. My impression of Gunilla is that she is stimulating, caring and effective. She probes very effectively and is great at helping me find the constructive aspects of a negative behaviour. I greatly enjoyed the experience of being coached by Gunilla. She is excellent.“ 

Lee Wilkinsson, Communicate

“Gunilla is friendly and excited/motivated. She gave me greater peace and permission to be myself. I gained a deeper understanding of whom I am and my gifts to this world. She has a good technique to facilitate inner journeywork. She has warrior energy as well as queen and lover. She is balanced in her masc./fem energies. She is not afraid to push to go deeper. She has effective warrior energy and knows deep compassion.“ 

Alison Davis, professional coach

“Gunilla is empathic and I felt safe. I gained perspective on long standing issues. Gunilla is concerned with her clients, she wants the best for people and she is also keen to learn and grow. Her strengths are: insight, persistence, understanding and empathy. Gunilla has a different coaching style than I am used to. It gave me a different perspective and took me out of my comfort zone. Gunilla is a good coach who listens to her clients and has many techniques up her sleeves that she can call upon when needed.”

Nicola Marshall, professional coach