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    to Gunilla Janmark Coaching. I release the life force in individuals, groups and organizations.
    We are born with potential ready to be explored and manifested.
  • Needs and feelings
    My clients are all different and yet we share the same needs and feelings.
    Cloudberries are called the gold of the forest in Sweden. Where do you find the gold in your life?
    At times we focus more on shame and blame rather than aiming for a connection through respect and understanding.
    We all want to bloom and be fulfilled.
  • Said about Gunilla
    "She is insightful, noticing important themes or issues underlying the story I am telling..."

With a map and a compass in reality

Our planet needs more people who are content with themselves, and the lives they live including their families, work and friendships. My purpose is to support people to find their internal compass in order to strengthen their personal leadership. When we tune into our inner compass we know which direction we want to go. In addition spending time deciphering our life map we will more clearly understand our present reality.

But sometimes the unexpected happens and neither compass nor map will help. We usually handle this by using old strategies that once served us, but old out-dated strategies are limiting; they block our life force. We need to create new approaches to help us move forward.

My belief is that we all contain a great, untapped potential. My vision is to contribute to greater meaning and life. I would be pleased to support you in finding your inner compass, your map and to release your positive life force.  Please let me know how I can be of support to you!

My services

My services stands on three legs: coaching, communication and Biodanza.


I coach individually or in a group. To have someone who listens, asks clarifying questions, challenges and opens up new perspectives can be miraculous for your development, understanding and vitality.


How we manage to relate to other people as well as ourselves is vital for our experience in this life. My understanding for communication is based upon Nonviolent communication and I contribute with my skills in my coaching as well as I educate in communication, feedback, on the art of listening etc.


Sometimes we do not manage to communicate with another party and at times it is good to bring in a third party to create the connection. My skills are about listening, understanding and supporting the parties to express themselves so that the other can understand and connection is created.


Biodanza, the dance of life, is a fusion of music and movements creating emotion. It is a scientifically proven method of personal development aimed at raising your capacity to communicate, to improve the quality of your relationships and your sense of well being and happiness. I have graduated from the Biodanza school in Norway and now I lead groups in Uppsala. Biodanza is the strongest tool for releasing life force that I have found so far.

I am delighted to announce that I have the pleasure of having Claire Lewis, a Biodanza facilitator and school director from Edinburgh in Scotland, here in the end of January 2017. She is giving an introduction of Biodanza on Friday night the 27th, a workshop on Sathurday the 28th and an education in Biocentric education for teachers, school leaders and leaders on Sunday the 29th. Please contact me through e-mail (gunilla(at)gunillajanmarkcoaching.se) if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.

Feedback from clients

Every relation I create with a client is unique, developed in the moment. Nevertheless all humans share the same needs and the same feelings. Here you can read of some peoples experience.

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