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  1. Realizing the value of my past supporters for the non-conforming aspects of me in the past.
  2. Respecting how I managed in a limiting social environment.
  3. Where I experience a resistance is where I have to learn.
  4. At the end of resistance is a sudden and brief shift. When experiencing resistance, understand that the shift is close by.
  5. Enjoying the possible range of coaching styles.
  6. Different atmospheres can all be me.
  7. Understanding.
  8. Love.
  9. Empathy.
  10. Compassion.
  11. Acknowledgement.
  12. Processing.
  13. New perspectives.
  14. Encouragement to make changes (some of which I have already implemented).
  15. Structure.
  16. Time for me.
  17. Time to catch up with myself.
  18. Someone there for me.
  19. Modelling of warrior energy (has been my own growing edge).
  20. Perspectives on my own Greatness.
  21. Heart connection.
  22. Support to prepare for a big challenge.
  23.  A great sounding board.
  24. Understanding I can and must ask for support from others.