1. Identified many underlying fears and concerns that were self-limiting.
  2. Made peace with these underlying concerns and was able to reframe them to let them be supportive instead of self-limiting.
  3. Learned to accept myself much more fully.
  4. Learned to prioritize my work and activities to be more effective.
  5. Creating a space of being bolder in trying new things and not having to be perfect on the first try.
  6. Created being more in integrity with myself and my values.
  7. Learned to practice being more grateful.
  8. Learned to recognize and acknowledge my accomplishments through each day.
  9. Learned to maximize my use of time and be more present in the moment.
  10. That I can maintain a place of safety in spite of my fears.
  11. Identified structures that I needed in my life in order to be the most effective.
  12. Discovered over-developed need for appearing competent in my life that was not helpful.
  13. Learned how to slow myself down and center myself to regain control of my emotions.
  14. Learned how to better interact with others.
  15. Learned to hold my tongue regarding my frustrations.
  16. Valuing the purpose of my barriers.
  17. Getting the purpose of the session clear at the beginning.
  18. Asking for my own needs to be met.
  19. Being aware of where I sense an emotion.
  20. Taking care with the precision of language.
  21. Understanding the universality of human need across cultures.
  22. Staying focused on the coaching issue.
  23. Understanding why I do not express my needs more persistently.
  24. Freeing me up a bit more from the need to conform to my perception of external expectations.